As a first post, I thought it would be nice to let you know who is behind Hippe Girls now and how it all started 9 years ago. Now I am not the type that likes to be in the spotlight, but I understand that it would be fun for you guys to see who we are here it comes....

March 3, 2014 I (Gwen) together with my husband (Ronald) went to the KVK......we were going to register Hippe Girls in the trade register together. Exciting.....the beginning of a new adventure. After 13 years of employment, it was time for something new.....I really wanted to start my own business, which seemed like a dream come true. As a mother of two daughters, one of whom was still in elementary school, it seemed ideal. To combine family and work in this way. Being a mother was number one, but besides motherhood I also wanted something for myself. Not being a mom for a while, but being an entrepreneur, being able to use my creativity and meanwhile pack so many beautiful orders and make our customers happy.

I already knew which items I wanted to have in the glue guns, ribbon, hairpins were purchased and every spare moment I was busy making hairpins, diadems and rubber bands. In addition to all those beautiful hair accessories, I also really wanted to offer children's jewelry.....self, I love jewelry and especially with children I always think it looks so cute. For hours I searched online and approached companies if I could buy their collection. Well I must honestly say that when you are "new" you really have to have a very long breath.

Well I am the type what's in my head is not in my eventually found a brand and from there we started expanding. The Zebra schoolbags came in and could be online......Yes......the shop was finished and filled with a very nice assortment. May 28 was the day.....the day I clicked the button.....put your shop live.

WOW!!! My shop was live and I wanted to shout it from the rooftops......and of course I did! 😀

And then.......then the waiting began.......until the first order parents were the ones who placed the very first order. How sweet.....then followed all the nice orders from family and friends and acquaintances. We soon started running fairs and markets. From there we started adding more and more articles and our assortment grew enormously. Meanwhile, I no longer do everything alone and we have a lot of help. In 2016 we came to the conclusion that Hip Girls had now taken over our entire house.......She had to move.......and suddenly the perfect property came along.......this was the perfect location for us. Opposite our beautiful can it be!!! Within 1 week we had the key and the big move began......very very very long days but within 1 month we were completely over. WOW!!! I still remember the first real working day......when I looked around from my desk and couldn't realize that this was all "mine".

After 9 years it was really time for a new webshop is quite an undertaking to move almost 4000 items.....but it worked. And how..... wow how proud I am. Everything we wanted in a new shop is there. A loyalty program, a super cool chat feature, wish list and many more super cool features.

Ok another small personal addition.....I am Gwen and at the time of writing I am 42. I have been together with my husband Ronald since October 2000 and we have three beautiful daughters! We live in Velserbroek (next to Haarlem). I am creative, eager to learn and love to be busy. A balance between work and private life is therefore sometimes difficult. As an entrepreneur you can never really go out.....

Besides my family, Hip Girls is another dream come true. I have always been someone who loves organizing parties, outings etc.....bourgundian and conviviality, I love it. Last summer, Hippe Tipis was born.

Hip tipis

Want to give your kids an unforgettable sleepover, but are you dreading all the hassle involved? Don't worry, we have the solution for you!

Hip Tipis offers complete themed sleepover packages so you don't have to worry about anything. These packages really contain everything you need to throw a sleepover party. From tipi tents to sleeping gear, lights and bedside tables - we'll take care of it for you. And the best news? The kids who come only need to bring their pajamas and a toothbrush!

Our theme packages are now temporarily even more complete, because with every theme package you get our delicious popcorn surprise package for free. That's going to be feasting time!

And best of all? After the party you don't have to worry about anything anymore. We do the laundry for you. You pick up the package on the day of the party, prepare everything at your leisure and bring it back the day after the party. It couldn't be easier!

Well enough about me....oh and without all my sweet and loyal customers, Hip Girls would never have been the success it is today! Grateful that I get to do this. Have fun shopping!

Love Gwen!