Een half jaar later.......

Six months later.......

It feels like yesterday that we launched our new website, but here we are, a good six months later, overwhelmed by the warm and enthusiastic response we have received from you.

One of the highlights is our savings system, which is proving to be a hit! You have jumped on board en masse, and the positive responses are pouring in. Some of you are inviting family and friends to shop with us and as soon as they order from us, you will receive even more loyalty points.

The chat function on the website is proving to be a lively meeting place where our community comes to life. You guys use it a lot, and it gives us a chance to interact directly, answer questions and just have a nice chat. It feels like we've built a digital community together. So fun that interaction with you guys.

What really gets us is all those wonderful orders that come in every day. It's not just a transaction; it's a trust you put in us. Every order is a confirmation that we are on the right track and motivates us to continuously strive for improvement.

We are constantly looking for new products to surprise and inspire you. Our eyes and ears are wide open for suggestions from the community, because ultimately we want to offer a range that meets your wishes and needs. Fortunately, we also often receive tips from you so that we know what you are still missing from our assortment.

Here we are, six months into this exciting journey, steeped in deep gratitude. We cherish your support, the trust you put in us and the opportunity to grow this wonderful webshop even further. I am determined to show more of myself/oms. So that you also know who the faces are behind this webshop.

And finally, we want to let you work:

You guys are awesome!

Sweet greetings Gwen

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